About Us

“With water nothing is impossible.”

Tony’s Pools & Bioponds is a subsidiary of KJA&Sons, a firm recognized by builders and contractors in Kerala since 2003.

Our Managing Director, Mr. K.J. Augustine, is a highly respected Civil Engineer with over five decades of industry experience, thirty of which were spent serving within the Kerala Government.

Established in 2012, K.J.A & Sons provides construction services for civil and commercial buildings, swimming pools, koi fish ponds and landscaping projects throughout Kerala. We are also skilled in crafting fabrications from Mild Steel & Stainless Steel.

Tony’s Pools & Bioponds was specifically created to cater to enthusiasts of Swimming Pool, Bioponds and Koi fish ponds. Led by Tony, a professional mariner since 1998, the team specializes in designing large-scale bioponds and constructing koi fish ponds. Their unique skill set includes developing water filters suitable for various-sized living water gardens as well as larger bio ponds and swimming pools.

We share the same passion for your hobby as you do. Hence our dedicated “Koi Pond” team centres its efforts on designing, selecting filters for, constructing and maintaining an array of koi ponds and bio ponds.

Our product range includes several types of pond filters such as Rotating Drum Filters (RDF), Sieve filters, Bead Filters, and Bio Fleece Filters with DC Pumps featuring different flow rates. Additionally, we can provide high-end koi fish based on your needs.

Having designed and constructed numerous residential and commercial swimming pools and bio swim pools, alongside Koi fish ponds; whether you’re aiming to build a new pond or renovate an existing one – our seasoned team will help deliver the perfect bio pond to suit your requirements.

Passionate about our work, we aim not just to meet but exceed client expectations by creating beautiful bio swim pools & ponds.

Our promise

Why choose us

Just like you, we share a deep love for the tranquillity of water – whether it’s the rippling surface of a swimming pool, the graceful movements of koi fish, or the natural beauty of bio ponds. Our passion for these elements runs deep, and we pour our hearts into every project we undertake. It fills us with pride to see each one come to life.

Our greatest joy comes from knowing that our clients can return home and revel in the excitement of unwinding in their living water garden.

There’s No Job Too Big Or Too Small For Us To Tackle, Contact Us Today!

Years of experience

We are passionate about water, fish, and plants and we create water gardens, swim ponds, bio pools, fish ponds and Koi ponds. Our design expertise comes from having helped design hundreds of ponds.

The right equipment

We’ll describe in detail all the devices necessary to build your pond, including anything you want. The heart of a high-performance pond is the filtration technology in use.

Reliable Customer Service

We listen to our customers and offer professional advice on their dream water features and bio ponds. We will work within your financial constraints and expectations.

What people say about us

Excellent Service from KJA; Mr Tony and his team; are among the best in Kerala… from designing Koi pond to commissioning.

MS Nallur

MS Nallur

We have found Mr Tony a very responsible and professional—in-depth knowledge & interest in Bio Ponds & Koi ponds filters.

procopi -india

Procopi. IN

Proper planning, planned execution and customization meet our needs. Highly recommended… All the best, Keep it up.

Varun Krishna

Varun K