A pond is not a pool; it is an ecosystem.

What Are Pond Additives?

Pond additives are chemicals or other substances that are added to ponds to improve their water quality or encourage the growth of aquatic plants.

There are various types of additives and chemicals available for different pond applications. Some common pond additives include algaecides, clarifiers, and enzymes.

With the help of a pond additive, you can keep your pond healthy and looking its best.

The different types of pond clarifiers and their functions.

There are several distinct kinds of pond clarifiers, each with a specific purpose. A physical clarifier is the first kind, as it employs a mesh or a screen to filter out large debris from the water.

The second type is a chemical clarifier, which uses chemicals to bind together small particles so they can be removed more easily.

The third type is a biological clarifier, which uses bacteria to break down organic matter in the water.

How to choose the right pond clarifier for your needs.

“Keep your biopond and pool clean and clear with a robust and efficient filter.”

Pond clarifier has its own benefits.

Physical clarifiers are good at removing large pieces of debris, but they can’t remove small particles or dissolved substances.

Chemical clarifiers are good at removing small particles, but they can be harmful to fish and other aquatic life.

Biological clarifiers are good at breaking down organic matter, but they can take longer to work.

Key Features

  • Clean & Clear Ponds
  • Adds Beneficiary Bacteria
  • Good Fishes
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