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Designing & Building Natural Swimming Pond

Our professionals can help you build an all-natural swim pond. This system provides crystal-clear water that has been purified by plants, and mineral soils. This funnels water into a pool area that is warm and pleasant to swim in all year long.

It is an eco-friendly, locally renewable approach to producing water for swimming and architectural pools. We’re Here to Help You – Contact Us Today!

Types of Bio Swim Ponds

Pools and ponds designed for swimming were created but with the environment in mind. They include a recovery zone and an aquatic work area that allows nature to regenerate in the heart (without using ultraviolet radiation, chlorine, heavy metals, or any toxic or other drugs before, during, or afterwards).

Ultraviolet radiation or ultrasonic devices are destructive because they tend to interfere with the natural processes that take place in a natural pool. Microbes on plant roots and stones remove nutrients, and planktonic micro-organisms digest algae.

How much does the bio-swim pond cost?

Nothing better than plunging into a freshwater pool on a hot summer day!

Eco-Filtration System Cost?

For an accurate quote on the pool construction, please call or write to us with all the details and constraints of the pool. We will create a thorough invoice of what will be needed to build the pool.

We know the intricacies of pond design to render it natural and how to properly filtrate your pond to mitigate downstream effects and maintain its cleanliness.

Many pond builders do not possess a true understanding of the complex construction and design that it takes to make ponds look natural and function properly.

Key Features

  • Eco Friendly
  • Economic
  • Safe & Secure

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