“A pond is not a pool; it is an ecosystem teeming with life.”

Our services

What we offer

We design, build and renovate Pools & Bioponds, also known as living water gardens, a type of pond that uses plants to filter and purify the water.

Smart Equipment

Intelligent equipment like pumps and filters can help make your bio pond more energy-efficient, productive, and sustainable.


There are different ways to construct a bio pond, but the basic elements are a pond shell, filters, pump, rocks, plants, and bacteria.


With proper design and technical support, Tony’s Pools & bioponds can provide an efficient and cost-effective way to improve water quality.


We specialize in the design of Pools & bio ponds and can create a custom solution for your needs. Once established bio ponds are relatively self-sufficient.

Pond Services

Our company has over 10 years of experience and can help you find the best up-flow filters, ultraviolet clarifiers, sensors, pumps and valves.

Pond Maintenance

Creating and maintaining healthy bio pools & ponds requires effort, but the results can be beautiful and functional.


Tony’s Pools & Bioponds has an in-depth knowledge certification in the construction and management of backyard ponds. Our experts have familiarity with all the laws and materials for building ponds in your particular area.
Our company is a full-service pond-building company that builds custom bio ponds, from design to maintenance.
Everyone receives one-on-one free consultation with their project. No two projects are alike, and we will ensure that your project receives the attention it requires. The on-site pond consultation are chargeable, and an amazing investment of your time and money.
We guarantee each piece of equipment we use whether it is for 1 year, 2 years, or a lifetime. During the guarantee period, we will come back out to perform warranty repairs and replacements – free of charge.
There is a constant threat of contaminating the fish pond or catching disease or parasites from the koi. In any case, an attempt to perform this action has no health benefit, if not bring disasters to you or the koi. Overall, swimming with koi fish is possible but not recommended.
Yes, people can eat koi and have eaten koi, but koi are recognized as being fish pets, so people tend to feel uncomfortable if they are requested to consume. Moreover, koi fish meat contains high levels of mercury. so, regular consumption can result in health issues.
Indeed, these pools fall into the more expensive category of swimming pool prices. Based on your location, we can present you with several choices.
Option 1 entails the complete design and construction of your project.
Option 2 involves consultation, design, and the provision of technical equipment.
Lastly, option 3 offers the possibility of transforming an existing chlorine swimming pool into a Natural Swimming Pool.
Bio Ponds employ natural biological methods to treat water, eliminating the need for chlorine and chemicals. The water flows through various filters inhabited by aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, which actively combat single-cell algae.

In the regeneration zone, plants thrive on the nutrients, depriving algae of their food source. Algae is a harmless occurrence that exists naturally, mirroring nature’s processes.
Through meticulous planning and the utilization of cutting-edge aquaforte SIBO technology, We are capable of providing exceptional water quality to all our pools.
Yes – our pools can be heated up to 26c.
We wholeheartedly endorse all of these Bio Ponds, but it is important to note that buyers should be cautious. The reason we have these incredible Natural Swimming Pool Ponds is for swimming.

However, if your Bio Pond is not built by a licensed builder or does not meet the standards set by India, you are putting yourself in a risky situation.
Bio Ponds are designed to incorporate flowing water, which effectively prevents the breeding of mosquitoes.
Tony’s Bioponds offer a unique experience as they can be transformed into mesmerizing underwater gardens. To ensure cleanliness, it is highly recommended to employ a robotic cleaner specifically designed for the swim zone.

Moreover, regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning skimmers and occasionally backwashing the Beed Filters are crucial for optimal functioning. During spring and autumn, it becomes essential to remove dead leaves and any biomass that may accumulate in the regeneration zones to maintain their pristine condition.