A pond is a perfect way to enjoy nature in its purest form.

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If you are looking for a company to design, build or maintain your pond, then look no further than ours!

We are experts in all things related to ponds and can provide you with the best biomechanical filters, UV clarifiers, sensors, pumps and automatic valves.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services!

What we do


A pond can be a beautiful addition to your backyard and with the right pond design, it can also be eco-friendly.

season_changePOND BUILDING

Our team can build stunning Ponds & Pools for you or your business. Low-care, custom-built, 100 % Crystal Clear.


If you are looking for pond equipment that is both economic and reliable, you have come to the right place.


If you’re looking for a way to improve your pond without spending a lot of money, surface coatings are a great option.


Pond maintenance is often overlooked but is a crucial part of keeping your pond healthy and functioning properly.


Pond Hardscaping can be a great way to improve the look of your pond. It can also add value to your home.

What people say about us

Excellent Service from KJA; Mr Tony and his team; are among the best in Kerala… from designing Koi pond to commissioning.

MS Nallur

MS Nallur

We have found Mr Tony Augustine a very responsible and professional. With in-depth knowledge & interest in Bio Ponds & Koi ponds filters.

procopi -india

Procopi. IN

Proper planning and planned execution and customization meet our needs. Highly recommended. All the best, Keep it up.

Varun Krishna

Varun K

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