How to Select Japanese Koi Fish?

How to Select Japanese Koi Fish, When choosing the right Japanese koi fish, there are many factors to consider. But the right fish means different things to different people. A koi fish that is absolutely perfect for you might not be a good match for your friend. And never, ever choose anyone fish by a photo alone. Be sure to meet your new pet friend in person. That is the only way to be sure that you make the right selection.

To acquire the fish of your liking, be sure to follow a few guidelines and pointers that are as follows.

First Things First – All About The Koi Fish

In 17th century Japan, Koi fish originated. What began as a relatively ordinary brown carp eventually became the Koi fish you see today, with unique patterns and colours. This was the result of selective breeding. Koi normally live 20 to 30 years and grow to be about 1.5 meters or more in length, weighing between 15 and 35 kg on average.


So now you’ve decided to purchase a pet, and have decided that it should be a Koi fish. (Of course, it’s not always recommended to simply pick a pet based on its colour.) There are a number of factors that must be considered in order to assure you of a healthy new pet.

Skin Quality

How well you look at Koi fish will be determined by whether you select a Doitsu or another type of Koi fish. Overall, your skin should be shiny and bright. All Koi fish don’t have scales. There are no visible scales on Doitsu Koi, but any Koi fish you choose should be bright and clean.

Body Shape

What does a healthy Koi fish look like?

  • They should be beautifully symmetrical
  • They should have a thin body with a streamlined shape
  • A healthy Koi will have a broad, long head
  • The body of a healthy Koi fish should not have any deformities: i.e., scars, indents, bumps, or unusual lumps. Any of these could be the first sign of a problem. Additionally, make sure that there is no kind of damage on their fins, such as fraying. The fins on a healthy Koi fish should be in superb condition.
And Finally – Colors And Patterns

Now we get down to the fun part. There are more choices than one can imagine when it comes to colours and patterns. Let’s talk about the appearance of the patterns and colours themselves.

Regardless of which colour or pattern you choose, the following should apply:

  • No faded areas
  • Colours should be strong, rich, and deep
  • Pattern and colour should, throughout the fish, be even
  • As mentioned before, many individuals choose their Koi fish because they simply like the way it looks. There are those, however, that are particularly selective when it comes to precise colour patterns. Some of the most popular choices are listed below.


To ensure that your Koi fish endures (in a pond), you’ll need a constant supply of fresh water and ought to be best in a pond with a capacity of at least 5000 litres. Be sure to keep your Koi safe from predators, such as birds, by giving proper depth to the pond.

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